Saturday, October 31, 2009

we repaired ourselves

As I was cleaning my house this morning it came to me that "we had healed ourselves." Now I come from an evangelical family, so we would never have spoken of ourselves like that. We would never have said that we did anything so important as healing ourselves or anybody else. But I believe that opening ourselves to God's grace feels like healing ourselves. Being a recipient of grace is not a passive experience. At times, I have felt excruciating pain as I worked with God to become well.

Later in the day I recalled Jesus' declaration to the woman "Your faith has saved you." (Luke 7)

In being reverential towards God, we can miss learning how we are required to participate in the gifts of God.

Monday, October 12, 2009

First Entry

I am visiting my daughter and found myself feeling a little bit homeless; away from my house, routine, and icon writing class tonight. But now that she is waking from her nap and directing her creative energy my way, I feel fine. Just before she offered to set me up to blog, I looked down the hallway of her apartment into the kitchen with the lights from the stove lamps reflecting all the way down the eight or ten feet of the oak floor and felt light myself.

This morning I had woken realizing that I positively fear homelessness and can easily begin to feel that I am falling that direction. The props that I live with can easily be disturbed.