Monday, November 23, 2009

observations on my patterns of eating

My daughter E. Chloe Lauer is a nutritional health counselor. I have recently begun to work with her. Two weeks ago she asked me to record what I ate for breakfast and how I felt afterwards and then note how I was feeling two hours after that. By paying attention to what I ate and how I felt I saw the obvious link between the two. In fact the following week a lovely woman appeared in a dream to remind me that food affects feelings. She had a beautiful face, wore colorful clothing, and appeared alone with just this one message for me. I am convinced that the link is undeniable.

The second week I recorded everything I ate for six days. When it was over, I observed that I eat so often that I am not very hungry when I eat. This experience lined up with the most social week of my life. I had so many regular appointments with people and special dates with friends that I was incredibly happy all week. In fact, I thought that I might be permenently happy -- a funny thought. It makes me smile now as I remember feeling so confident and content.

I was feeling so strong that I was able to eat with more discipline at the begining of this week. I do hope to take a step up the staircase of responsible eating through the work I am doing with Chloe.


  1. Way to go, Mom! I'm so happy to have the honor of companioning you on this journey. Your reflections mirror my own experience - that's the joy of health counseling. We always get something for ourselves by witnessing the process each client goes through. Do you have a similar experience with spiritual direction? Thanks for sharing your process.

  2. Oh, yes. I am gifted when I offer spiritual direction as you are when you offer nutritional counseling. I notice it most in my spiritual companioning relationship with Carol. We alternate sharing our dreams and other experiences. Whether it is her turn or mine I am fed, energized, and delighted.